Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lockify! A Fully end-to-end Encryption For Your Confidential Messages

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With the entertaining, enormous, and magnificent inventions of today’s world especially in the technology arena software development is a major part more specifically the web applications. And exactly from the invention of Google Chrome web applications has largely expanded in a variety of categories which include business tools, office apps, entertainment, education, lifestyle, productivity, social & communications, utilities, extensions and themes.

And fortunately Google Chrome lunched a new niche of web applications that can run on desktop environment without any extra requirements, just download them and run them. If you want to experience some of that applications visit here >> Desktop-apps.

With that keeping in mind to day I want share with a unique and amazing app called Lockify, Lockify is an encryption software which will give you a fully end-to-end encryption for your messages, with Lockify your confidential message is encrypted on your machine. And it will never enter the cloud unencrypted and only you have the decryption key- in the form of a link- which you can share with whomever you like, however you like. And after they receive and click the link verification will be asked in order to view the encrypted message and the receiver should verify the link you’ve have instantly sent to him/her according to a verification method you specify, and that verification could be a question you pose to them, a password you share with him/here, their email address, or their twitter username. And for assured security the best verification option is a password you share with them which means only those you give the password can decrypt the message.

Well now that we understood what Lockify really is? And what it can do for us it’s obvious and convenient to think about how to setup and install the app. So let’s do that and enjoy the best encryption smart application ever. Follow the below steps.
  • Go to this link >> Download Lockify App.
  • After you do that the installation process will start instantly and you have to wait a moment till the process finishes, the speed of the installation process really depends on your computers capacity and your internet speed unless that the app is very light and small.
  • When the installation completes your computer will notify you and you will see a new icon on your task bar just click that icon and you’ll see the Lockify app inside the panel click the Lockify icon and that is it.
  • The Lockify app will smoothly come handy after this stage and its app to you what you’ll do next and don’t panic the Lockify app is self explanatory software. You run the app you’ll see everything in front of you and again it’s up to you what you will do after that. And good luck with a fully end-to-end encryption software on your hand, enjoy it and share with your fellows and friends.

Final note: The progress that Chromium family made so far is really wonderful and certainly helpful to many regular users like me, so as a grateful fellow I have to say thanks to the chromium team and let me give you a free giveaway link to get one of their rare and special software they have ever developed. Click here >> Giveaway.

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