Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Edit or Download Facebook Photos with Photon - Facebook Photo Editor!

With the help of little and small tools, apps, and extensions that can be added to our web browsers our daily internet life really became so adorable and much easier. And today in this short -snapshot kind of- tutorial I will share with you one of the most inspiring chrome extensions.

As the title implies the extension is called “Photon – Facebook Photo Editor” the functionality of this application gives social network users a chance to easily download and edit photos in Facebook, Google+, and Instagram with one click.
To get your computer or tablet equipped with this amazing chrome extension, refer to the following steps:
  • Go to the below link on a Google chrome browser or any chromium based browserLink: >> Download
  • Then when the chrome store lunches, try to click the free download button, look the below snapshot for reference.
  • After clicking the free download button you should give it time to download and automatically install the extension, look the below snapshot for reference.
  • When the download and installation process finishes, you can confirm that you have successfully downloaded and installed the extension to do so refer to the below snapshot.
  • Now it’s time to test and experience the Photon- Facebook Photo Editor tool, just go and login to your facebook account or if it’s already open try to refresh the page. And whenever you hover over any picture/image on facebook you’ll see a little toolbox appears at the left-top corner of every image/picture.

That is it you are almost done just click any of those toolboxes and you’ll really see what they can do.

That is all for now, keep tuned with LBR we’ll be randomly posting new fantastic tips and tricks on your demands, your feedback is really needed feel free to leave a comment on the comments section below.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Find Out Someone's IP-Address Without Even Asking Him?

First Off, I have to apologize for not blogging so long, sorry for keeping you waiting and willing to get new posts, but I really had some personal issues to sort out which made me unable to get a free time, but now I’m done with all that and want to share with you a little mesmerizing tutorial which is really unique and rare of its kind.

As the title implies on this short post I will let you know how to get people’s ip-addresses without asking them, I promise I won’t include any hard or tricky arguments on this blog I will just keep it simple and straight forward by raping it all to gather step by step without skipping anything. And the reason made me do such a tutorial is I have recieved an authentic comment on an old article I've posted on August-2013 titled as [ Hack Any PC Using IP Via Metasploit].

A direct comment form Abdifatah Mohamed said: “is there a possible way to get the ip address of someone who lives in a different country than mine. WITHOUT ASKING HIM/HER !!!!”

And to get the distilled and the ideal answer for that question you may just watch the bellow video:

Sorry for the inconvenience! earlier i have hosted the video on FACEBOOK, which made some visitors unable to view and watch the video at all.
Now i have shifted the gears and hosted the video on DAILYMOTION,  and you won't face any problem this time.

Warning: don’t ever use the knowledge you have received for this short post or video to violate people, if you ever do so LBR blog is not responsible for what you meet as a penalty for the mistakes you do. I have just provided this information with you for educational purpose.

Again if there’s anything that you’d like to suggest or ask feel free to put it in the comments section below.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Extra Chrome Saved Passwords Security Feature With The New Chrome Canary

Web Developers deciding which Chrome Channel to use the beta or the stable one, it’s really and largely depends on their tolerance of bugs and strength of desire to try the latest features and improvements. But there is a way to get the best of both worlds: a perfectly rock-solid stable experience and access to the latest features say hello to the Canary Channel.

Chrome Canary is Google’s code name for its latest Chrome browser which is currently in testing, is once again available to both developers and users. Chrome Canary is not necessarily for the faint of heart in its current state, it’s a decidedly beta product that comes with warnings from the search company that says it could crash at any time and shouldn’t be considered a replacement for Chrome or any other browser at the moment. Quite the contrary, Chrome Canary is a work in progress, a piece of software that should not be relied on for the most important tasks. Still, Chrome Canary is an important browser for those who have been using Google’s software for some time. Chrome Canary represents the future of Google’s browser, and includes several improvements over the current platform that should make for a better experience.

Unlike the beta and dev channels, Google Chrome Canary installs separately alongside the regular version of Chrome. It doesn't change, modify or affect any files; nothing is shared between them. This means that you can keep a stable version of Chrome for your regular day-to-day work, but also have a safe way -playground- to toy around with the latest features, changes and flags.

Note: Once caveat being that some settings altered on Canary will sync – but only if you sign in.

The major meaningful reasons you should try Chrome Canary are:
  • It’s safe – it doesn’t affect regular chrome browser.
  • It’s fun – you get to try the latest features earlier before anyone could see it.
  • It auto-updates – unlike Chromium snapshots, Canary is updated almost daily.
  • It’s useful – developers can work with newer chrome features & APIs sooner.
  • Its proper Chrome – all of Chrome’s features are present, including flash Quick Office viewer and a PDF reader.

New Security Feature

Up until now, anyone with access to your PC could view all of your saved passwords in Chrome by pointing the browser to chrome://settings/passwords, but that changes in the newest build of Chromium, the open-source project  that chrome is based on. When the update eventually makes its way to the official version of Chrome, the browser will prompt users to re-authenticate using the Windows/OS X user’s password before showing any saved passwords. And sooner the worries about revealing saved passwords on Chrome will vanish.
Google provides official Canary builds for windows and Mac (sorry for Linux users) and, once downloaded, it installs just like regular Chrome.

Canary uses different colored icon to that of regular Chrome, helping ensure that you don’t accidentally start the wrong one. This means you can pin it to your start screen, task bar, or dock without creating confusion!

So what is that you are waiting it’s time to be fabulous and adventurous as well, go and grape your free piece of copy from here >> Download Chrome Canary

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breaking News: CloudCraker! An Online Pentesting Service

Holla! It’s being always a dream to meet a reliable, flexible, and trust worthy online PenTesting tool or service and it’s just happen to day when I intentionally found while I was serving the web, more importantly I was absolutely impressed about the fact that this online website is even much faster and accurate than a lot of third party Cracking and PenTesting tools and softwares.

So what is cloud cracker and what it does? It’s an online password cracking service for penetration testers and network auditors who need to check the security of WPA protected wireless networks, crack password hashes, or break document encryption.

In this PenTesting service you will be asked some data and that you need to provide (not the password), and then it will try identifying your password (it’s done in the same way the hacker tries to find out your password), if it fails to find your password then you are ready to use your wireless network and if it finds out your password then you have no other choice left other than changing your password.

Disclaimer: This post is not a complete guide or tutorial about how to use cloudcraker’s service but it’s just a fantastic cracking alternate that I’ve found instantly and I just wanted to share with you the news to be aware of the service if you are not already knew it, so don’t relay this post for the complete and confidential reference just take its as breaking news from LBR’s news desk.

For a formal info and reference visit cloudcraker’s official website from here >> and make your own appropriable judgements.

Final note: Honestly I’m in a middle of confusion about what kind of topics or niches to write articles about because nowadays technology arena is hilariously growing and vanishing at the same time, so if you have a query, suggestion, or special request try to scroll down till you reach the comments section below, so you can leave your query suggestion, or whatever you’ve in mind just right there. And I’ll always appreciate your comments because I’m sure they’ll help me provide rich articles and tutorials continuously about the things you ask, suggest, and request.  So feel free and let me know what you would love to see next time on LBR blog.

Monday, November 25, 2013

How To Stay Safe&Secure While Serving The Web

When you first enter to the connected world of the internet try to imagine a place where there is so many Apps and Services don't even cost a penny; games, social networks, videos, music, and pictures it’s almost like virtual paradise, but looking under Neath that wonderland there is a far greater told being collected-your identity- names, locations, addresses, family and friendship connections, likes, searches, browsing history.

Basically the more the internet you use the more information you give corporations so they can turn around and sell your identity to the heights bitter.

So here a great question comes into the mind, is there a way to be a part of  this online economy without sacrificing your identity and  privacy? YES you can lie!
Here is the four major ways online companies collect your data and four major ways you can hide your data from them.

First is Location: By using your computers ip-address fine online services can determine where you connecting to the internet from, a good practice are to hide your ip using a Proxy or what is called Virtual Private Network (VPN). And there is a plenty of plugins for your specific browser type that allow you to do both i.e.  Switchy and FoxyProxy, there is also free services out there such as CyberGhost that allow you to serve web while hiding your ip-address, you can also build your own VPN  service using computers in different locations, or you  can pay premium vpn services like [witopia], which make it look like you are from a different  country all together.

Second is site tracking and browsing history: when you visit certain websites they collect data on you even if you aren't aware of it, i have already mentioned your ip-address but also your browser type and your Operating System, what pages you’ve visited and what you clicked on. Depending on your browser again you can use third party plugins like [DNT+] that can block these websites from collecting information on you, or you can use harder security browser systems such as Tor and SRWare Iron which is like chrome.
Normally if you want to use an online service you've to sign up using personal information but it doesn't necessarily have to be your personal information that is where the Third step comes into play.

Third Fake Identities: if you go to you can generate intire fake identities that you can use to fill out forms, another good one is that even let you generate fake Credit Card number. Fourth step concerns the most important part of information your email address.

Fourth Disposable Emails: This is quite tricky because most online services require a valid email before you can complete the registration process. So you need a fake anonymous email that you can actually check, the best options that can allow this, is the disposable email services such as 10minutemail, guerrillamail or mailnesia for a longer lasting fake email address.

Final note: Although it’s not 100% anonymity these tips will at least give you 90% to the way there.

At last I'd love to hear some of the methods you guys use to stay hidden online let me know in the comments section. That is it for this short tutorial until next time hack some fun into your week ends. Cheers

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Use Any Trial Software Forever! No Crack Needed

In today’s world all software developers and computer engineers continuously create a huge bundle of professional applications, standalone softwares, and smooth web applications to integrate social media sites as well as the other custom websites out there on the World Wide Web.

And here is what they do while they're developing and coding those spectacular and helpful new productions, they usually set and implement some certain terms, protocols, and regulations for the usage of any specific element[software] of their production; i.e. Professional software firms like Microsoft always set and give their productions/softwares such as Microsoft Office a certain and specific trial period which gives the user a few days to use Microsoft Office without purchasing the software, that is good so far and it’s the professional way to deal with gaining some revenue from your regular users, customers, and clients while giving them a demonstration and checking time to convince them that your software is valid and your services are reliable so later on when the trial version expires they go and get your full software package by purchasing it.

But what about if there are others like me and you those who don't want to purchase the software at all and the same time need to use the software forever without paying a penny, so in that case I’ve decided to give them a chance by telling them a simple technique which can help them to use any specific software of their choice for ever without worrying about the trial period.

And there may be a number of different ways to use a trial version of a software for ever like using Keygens or Cracking the software which is absolutely illegal and impossible to do for a normal computer user but in this tutorial I will show and another way which is much simpler, easier and safer than all of the previous methods you’ve ever known and its to use a third party software called RunAsDate so to know how this makes any trial version of a software works for ever, just follow below steps.
Before starting the steps let’s get tuned and review what RunAsDate software is, its definitely a small utility that allows you to run a program on the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn't change the current system date and time of your computer, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application. You can run multiple applications simultaneously, each application works with different date and time, while the real date/time of your system continues to run normally. Now let’s proceed to the steps.
  • First of all we have to download RunAsDate software and there are two available versions one for 32bit systems and one for 64bit systems so first make sure whether your system is a 32bit or 64bit then follow along and click one of the below download links according to your system type.
    RunAsDate download links
    : for
    32bit system // for 64bit systems.
  • After clicking the download link and the download completes you’ll get a zipped file so go and unzip it by using WinRAR, WinZip, and 7zip or any other tool that you can get which can unzip the downloaded file.
  • After unzipping the downloaded file you will get a separate three files in that file, so try to double click the one that says RunAsDate.exe or follow the below image for a better demonstration.

Note: RunAsDate.exe does not need any installation just double click it and it will automatically run and for now when the application launches you will have a window like the one in the below image.

  • Now if we look deeply to the previous window we will notice that the the window consists three fields and a few checkboxes and buttons, so we are not going to use all of them for now we'll just use the first two fields the one “application to run:” and the one beneath it –for a better understanding look the below two images, and from this stage will chose our software from our PC’s installation directly by clicking the little Browse button on the top right corner of the application so click there and choose your desired trail software on your system and on the next field just specify the date you have installed the trial software you want to run forever and to do that make some guessing or if you noted earlier the date that will be much better.

Note: I usually note the date of installing any trial software on a sheet or I mark it on a calendar and I recommend you to do so.

  • Now if you have done the previous steps correctly go and click “Run” and wait a second then the application will instantly launch. And the best of is you can make a shortcut for your favorite application by just giving a name to your shortcut and click that button says “Create a desktop shortcut>>” and there you go you'll find a shortcut on your desktop so whenever you need to launch that specific software it’s not must to again launch RunAsDate and then browse your software from there, just go and click that shortcut.
Congratulations now you can use almost every trial software you or you may have on your system forever, with using RunAsDate but the question is how RunAsDate software works so below I will tell you in short sentences I hope that you can catch up something from it. 
RunAsDate intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GeSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify.
Final note: if you get confused about the steps try to pin your question on the comments section below, hopefully you'll get a reply as soon as possible. Cheers

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pipe App! A Direct and Secure File Transfer

Pipe App. is a file transfer web application based on Adobe Flash with peer-to-peer functionality at its core, and most importantly there is no software to be installed on the user’s computers both the sender and the receiver because Pipe is a web application with the capability of running on Facebook’s app platform.

Also because Pipe relies on Facebook for user authentication and matching, the user is certainly addressed which makes the transaction process safe and secure. To get the full functionality of Pipe you don’t need to install any extra software on your computer, and neither do your friends. Just open the Pipe app on Facebook and you have immediate access to all of your friends. The Pipe app creates a direct connection between you and an online friend. Files do not and won’t pass through Facebook as the file is transferred directly from your computer to your friend’s computer.
Pipe has a tree hilarious file transmission types formally named asGreen Pipe, Blue Pipe and Grey Pipe

Green Pipe: it’s the kind of transmission you must use whenever your friend is online on the Pipe app, and it’s really simple and goes this way: if you drop the file in a green Pipe, your friend must be online on Pipe and ready to receive a file up to 1GB.
Blue Pipe: briefly blue pipe is the transfer you made when your friend is online on Facebook, but not on Pipe App itself. Just send a file and drop it on the blue pipe and your friend will be notified by getting an invite from you.
Grey Pipe: it’s the type of transaction you make when your friend is not completely available simply means when your friend is offline on both Pipe and Facebook, on that occasion still you can send a file to a locker for your friend to pick it up later.
So from this point of view we know that we can always make a file transfer no matter whether our friends and colleagues are available or not.

How it works

Pipe is a file transfer application that transfers files up to 1GB directly from one computer to another computer using peer-to-peer mechanism. To do this, Pipe uses the transfer protocol called RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol) from Adobe, which is based on UDP. RTMFP has a 128bit AES encryption for the communication channels between the sender and receiver’s computers which gives us the complete trust and on it. An in simple words this means files do not pass through Pipe or Facebook, as the file is transferred via a secure connection directly from your computer to your friend’s computer, or via a locker in other words, neither Pipe nor Facebook sees the files.

What is Pipe Locker

In case where the intended recipient is either offline, busy or unavailable the user can choose for the file to be uploaded to Pipe’s cloud-based storage called ‘locker’ via an HTTPS encrypted connection. Each locker can contain a file up to 100MB.

Facebook Integration

To establish the Pipe connection between friends whilst respecting the user’s privacy, Pipe uses only the anonymous 3rd party ID provided by Facebook. Pipe does not use real names or Facebook IDs for enabling the transfer of file.

Browser Compatibility

Pipe uses the very latest browser and Adobe Flash features and for this reason works best with Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon. Some Pipe features might not be supported by older browsers like IE6,8,9 I therefore recommend that users keep their browser up to date, and preferably use Google Chrome or Comodo Dragon.

Relay On Pipe

Even when users find themselves behind unusual network configurations or symmentic NAT’s, a file can still be transferred with pipe. In this case, the Pipe relay service forwards it between the two computers, but without ever storing the file. So it’s totally clear and understandable what Pipe App provides as a service is really reliable so go and get it. And believe me it has the potential to be a true game changer.

If you are willing to visit Pipe App’s official website feel free to browse from >> here.
And if you are really eager to jump to the App by clicking here >> Go to App. but before you do that make sure that you’ve logged in to your Facebook account.

Final note: If you face any problems while trying to test or use Pipe App. feel free to post your queries under the comments section below. All together if you really admire the little work I’m doing on LBR please show some love and don’t forget to leave your review in the comments section below… thanks


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