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How To Stay Safe&Secure While Serving The Web

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When you first enter to the connected world of the internet try to imagine a place where there is so many Apps and Services don't even cost a penny; games, social networks, videos, music, and pictures it’s almost like virtual paradise, but looking under Neath that wonderland there is a far greater told being collected-your identity- names, locations, addresses, family and friendship connections, likes, searches, browsing history.

Basically the more the internet you use the more information you give corporations so they can turn around and sell your identity to the heights bitter.

So here a great question comes into the mind, is there a way to be a part of  this online economy without sacrificing your identity and  privacy? YES you can lie!
Here is the four major ways online companies collect your data and four major ways you can hide your data from them.

First is Location: By using your computers ip-address fine online services can determine where you connecting to the internet from, a good practice are to hide your ip using a Proxy or what is called Virtual Private Network (VPN). And there is a plenty of plugins for your specific browser type that allow you to do both i.e.  Switchy and FoxyProxy, there is also free services out there such as CyberGhost that allow you to serve web while hiding your ip-address, you can also build your own VPN  service using computers in different locations, or you  can pay premium vpn services like [witopia], which make it look like you are from a different  country all together.

Second is site tracking and browsing history: when you visit certain websites they collect data on you even if you aren't aware of it, i have already mentioned your ip-address but also your browser type and your Operating System, what pages you’ve visited and what you clicked on. Depending on your browser again you can use third party plugins like [DNT+] that can block these websites from collecting information on you, or you can use harder security browser systems such as Tor and SRWare Iron which is like chrome.
Normally if you want to use an online service you've to sign up using personal information but it doesn't necessarily have to be your personal information that is where the Third step comes into play.

Third Fake Identities: if you go to you can generate intire fake identities that you can use to fill out forms, another good one is that even let you generate fake Credit Card number. Fourth step concerns the most important part of information your email address.

Fourth Disposable Emails: This is quite tricky because most online services require a valid email before you can complete the registration process. So you need a fake anonymous email that you can actually check, the best options that can allow this, is the disposable email services such as 10minutemail, guerrillamail or mailnesia for a longer lasting fake email address.

Final note: Although it’s not 100% anonymity these tips will at least give you 90% to the way there.

At last I'd love to hear some of the methods you guys use to stay hidden online let me know in the comments section. That is it for this short tutorial until next time hack some fun into your week ends. Cheers

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