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Mohamed is a friendly, professional, and knowledgeable programmer with many years of experience working as a junior web and software developer. He is also ACCP trainee, computer engineer, and dedicated blogger. He joined the blogging arena early in 2011 with a WordPress based blog called Hand Deer which is still up and running.
Since that time he has followed the footprints of the most successful web-developers and with the help of that he created a number of websites in a different platforms for small businesses as well as mid-sized organizations. His great creative work has introduced several faces online and still continues to provide legitimate, rich, and reliable content through sites and forums.

He always had a dream to build a network -HUB- which connects those who interest to know more about the inventions particularly in technology, a place where skill seekers and entrepreneurs rely on to access a huge info almost about everything related to technology. Fortunately that dream become true because in August 2013 Mohamed Launched his third blog called Learn By Research which is now providing tons of high quality articles, tips, and tutorials daily to a much broader audience.

Mohamed is fortunately an IT student at Preston University Pakistan, he is in his last year of being a successful and a role model student, and he has been chosen as the student of the year two times. He started using computers and technology when he was at ten till now he is exploring his techy world in a different way, His passion of learning and understanding the latest technologies of programming, designing and development like Python, ASP.NET, VB.NET, HTML5, CSS3, C#, PHP, Objective-C, JavaScript, Adobe Creative Cloud[Adobe CC] blessed him with an astonishing skill of programming, developing and designing.He is now a certified junior web and software developer with the maximum required skills. for more info Join him.

The purpose of publishing this amazing and professional blog is to provide a reliable, rich, and truthful information about technology, programming, designing, developing, and security administrating. Each post is published with a hope so that beloved audiences learn the core basics of technology and computers in particular to enjoy the blessings of the global village. In “LearnByResearch” Blog you will never miss anything whether its tech news, software reviews, tutorials, weekly and monthly projects, tips and tutorials are all collected in one place so feel free to browse and check it yourself.


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