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The Windows Secret and Hidden send to Menu Items

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Using windows operating system equipped PCs and Laptops is something we are all familiar with it and apparently we all seem relaxed and happy with the clicks we make whenever we are editing a file, clicking on a link, or pinning an icon to the task bar. But it will be more interesting and easier if we knew all the tips and tricks to do all of those tasks in a simpler ways i.e. using shortcuts and hotkeys.

And today we will go deep on the windows built in functions specially the handy ones and we’ll explore something odd and interesting about the “send to” function. Hopefully we are all familiar about the concept and how it works but what I am going to show you is how to access the secret “send to” menu items.

Well this may be little bit confusing because you already knew that the “send to” function is handy whenever you right-click on a folder, file, or icon on the desktop but what are the secret menu items I am talking about. Just follow the below steps and you will get idea instantly.

  • Hold down the “SHIFT” key on your keyboard and right-click on any file or folder on your Desktop.

  • Definitely on a moment a menu will popup, which contains a lot of menu items, don’t get impressed because it may look like the actual menu you've usually seen but it’s not; you are almost there to explore the hidden and the secret “send to” menu items just keep holding the “SHIFT” key and click on the “send to” menu item.

  • Now you will see a plenty of new options which gives you some secret great options like the one in figure 0.1. Some of the secret send to menu items are Mail Recipient, Fax Recipient, Bluetooth Device option if you have installed any. And some other useful menu items which you can directly send to that specific document or folder to any place you want.
Figure 0.1
Hopefully and successfully you've seen a variety of secret and hidden options under the “send to” menu, but give another glance to the popup menu you’ll see that whenever you right-click on a file or folder while holding down the “SHIFT” key the menu items will show up are tremendously useful than ever and they are more than enough, so keep in mind with the help of “SHIFT” key we explored the hidden and the secret send to menu items and some other useful things as well. And that is the beauty of using the hot-keys and sticky-keys.

Final note: if you've already knew the trick I have just demonstrated, 95% of the regular windows users don‘t aware of it, so participate spreading the word and share it with your friends and loved ones.

And at last but not the least if you truly inspire the little work I’m doing here, don’t please show some love by leaving your review on the comments section below.

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