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Get Rid Of The NSA Surveillance For Ever

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Due to the NSA's surveillance  on almost every internet transmission except the encrypted ones, and their backdoor gates on every windows equipped system, the entire regular internet users including me myself are still struggling to find the best ways and options to be anonymous on this rare and epic situation.

And since the beginning of the struggle particularly when I read some articles and news feeds talking about PRISM, XKeyScore, and Tempora, I was trying to find out a better and peaceful way to get rid-off those annoying eyes watching me whenever I browse a page on the internet or just lunch and applications which is synchronized to the net. Hopefully during my research I come up with so many options which successfully made me anonymous and out of that NSA surveillances radar, but the truth is I never felt safe and secure in so many ways until a friend of mine Mr. Subeer Muse a freelancer, penetration tester, and security guru. The initiator of SEH group and top level co-author at aqoonwadaag website, gave me a link to a website called prism-break which contains a huge and massive information, softwares, plug-ins, tips and tricks all about how to stop governments and surveillance agencies from spying on you by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services. And believe me by just landing that website I felt safe and secure because there are a plenty of options available for almost every existing system including Apple OS X, Windows, Linux, and even for Android operating systems.

The lists of the useful and available applications on that site are too much to mention on this particular post but I will shortly tell you the gist as well as some of my favorite ones. By suggesting secure alternatives for existing proprietary services like operation systems, web browsers, chatting applications.

Operating Systems

Instead of using Mac OS X, Google Chrome OS, and Windows Os you better use one of these GNU/LINUX alternatives [Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Linux Mint DebianEdition, openSUSE] and if you are interested in the Linux BSD based operating systems you may check [openBSD]. Don’t panic all of these are secure, reliable and open source Linux operating systems, if you need more info regarding one of these operating systems you may click the link or just Google it yourself. Unfortunately if you have iOS or Windows Phone operating systems you better replace the device because these operating systems have no free alternatives.

Web browsers

If you are eager to get more browsing security and privacy options you must particularly use Tor Browser Bundle which is encrypted and anonymous web browsing powered by Tor network. JonDonym is also a great browsing option after Tor because it has special JonDo IP anonymization service and JonDoFox profile for firefox. And remember these two above browser systems are IP HIDDEN systems which mean they can be completely anonymous with no worries.
Mozilla Firefox is the third option to check because it’s fast, flexible and secure web browser with a vibrant add-on ecosystem. If you are using android equipped tablet or phone you better check Orbot which is the Tor Browser Bundle version for android systems. On the other hand if you are a regular user for iOS you should use Onion Browser.

Chatting and instant messaging Alternatives

Normally people communicate across the internet using popular emailing and instant messaging applications and social networks, but if you want a secure medium you better use one of these two amazing and user friendly tools:
  • CyptoCat: which is a private web based add-on and encrypted instant messaging within the web browser. And as I’ve experienced it works only on Google Chrome and Comodo Dragon web browsers. you can get cryptocat from here >> Download.
  • TorChat: which is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) chat built on Tor Hidden Services not sponsored by the Tor Project, and so far this is my favorite although I previously admired CryptoCat and for simplicity set up if you are a newbie CryptoCat is good for you. get torchat from here >> Download.

Final note: As I earlier told you at the beginning of the post there are a huge alternatives and tools to talk about and I can’t gather all that information on this small post I rather advice you to take your own adventure and explore your personal experience by visiting prism-break’s official website from here >> prism-break org.

At last but not at least some of the above applications and tools may require team participation for instance chatting applications like cryptocat and torchat because you won’t understand how they exactly work unless you check them and the only way you could do so is if you have an end user receiver.

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