Sunday, January 19, 2014

How To Find Out Someone's IP-Address Without Even Asking Him?

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First Off, I have to apologize for not blogging so long, sorry for keeping you waiting and willing to get new posts, but I really had some personal issues to sort out which made me unable to get a free time, but now I’m done with all that and want to share with you a little mesmerizing tutorial which is really unique and rare of its kind.

As the title implies on this short post I will let you know how to get people’s ip-addresses without asking them, I promise I won’t include any hard or tricky arguments on this blog I will just keep it simple and straight forward by raping it all to gather step by step without skipping anything. And the reason made me do such a tutorial is I have recieved an authentic comment on an old article I've posted on August-2013 titled as [ Hack Any PC Using IP Via Metasploit].

A direct comment form Abdifatah Mohamed said: “is there a possible way to get the ip address of someone who lives in a different country than mine. WITHOUT ASKING HIM/HER !!!!”

And to get the distilled and the ideal answer for that question you may just watch the bellow video:

Sorry for the inconvenience! earlier i have hosted the video on FACEBOOK, which made some visitors unable to view and watch the video at all.
Now i have shifted the gears and hosted the video on DAILYMOTION,  and you won't face any problem this time.

Warning: don’t ever use the knowledge you have received for this short post or video to violate people, if you ever do so LBR blog is not responsible for what you meet as a penalty for the mistakes you do. I have just provided this information with you for educational purpose.

Again if there’s anything that you’d like to suggest or ask feel free to put it in the comments section below.

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