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With The Help of Windroy Run Android Apps On PCs!

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With the luxury of smartphones people are experiencing one of the geekiest moments of their life, and the proof of that is, if you look at the park or some gathering places even on the streets 66% of the population around you are just looking to their smartphones whether they’re texting, making a video call, or playing some epic games or launching some of their favorite Apps. It’s all about enjoying the luxury of the smartphone. But what about if you want to have the exact same luxury on your PC or laptop here is where you need some miracles and to make that happen I will show you an easy way to experience the actual android environment on your PC.

As any desktop addicted user I usually like to improve my desktop experience in a wider dimensions and because of that I found out that there are a plenty of options that allows you to run virtual android machine on your desktop or laptop and you may have heard one of those softwares that work as an android emulator i.e. the famous BlueStacks, and if you haven’t then you’re missing out the most popular android emulator for PCs and laptops.

Windroy is an alternative platform for BlueStacks and its much easier and simpler than it; and on this article I am going to show you how to successfully run Windroy and use it, If you’ve ever used Vmware or VirtualBox the idea is same the only difference is that Windroy is specifically developed to run android operating systems virtually. 

So get started by downloading windroy form here >> Download. And after a successful installation you’ll get a black prompt window with a huge info about windory’s current situation and you should have it open until you close and exit completely the windroy because that prompt window contains all the info you will ever need, the action events, errors, and instructions.
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The first difference you’ll notice is that, unlike any other emulator that you’ve probably tried (such as BlueStacks or YouWave), Windroy launches in a fullscreen mode. The first thing you should see is a typical Android lock screen, as displayed above image. Again, this isn’t very typical. You won’t see it with many other emulators, but Windroy really emulates the entire Android experience along with some of the key features that Windroy boasts:

  • Runs smoothly on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • Comes with Windows applications such as Flash integrated.
  • Support for any UI resolution.
  • Can run in windowed of full-screen mode.
  • Supports IO devices like them.

Disclaimer : Windroy won’t leave you awed and extremely impressed if you’re used to emulating Android through BlueStacks. BlueStacks has been reported to show more compatibility with a wider range of applications, specifically those from the Kindle’s app store. Many also vouch that BlueStacks offers a higher frame rate and is the best emulator for playing Android games, if that’s what you’re after. Windroy does do its job quite well though, and that’s all that is important. It’s a great second chance if other emulators have given you poor luck.

Let me know what you think of Windroy and how it stacks up against other Android emulators in the comments section below.

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