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Know More About BIOS's!

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Whats is BIOS?
BIOS Stands for Basic Input Output System. The BIOS is the first thing you see when you turn on your computer. The function of the BIOS is to connect other Other chips, Hard Drives, Ports, CD Rom, CPU etc. and make sure they all work together. 
When you turn on your computer, The first thing the BIOS does it to check for the CMOS settings and after evaluating the CMOS, It loads the Operating system. and there are many more things that the BIOS does. I can't explain all of it here. Talking about BIOS, you already know that there are 2 types softwares.

1. Operating System ( OS ).
The Operating System is the main software which runs on a computer system. It manages all other activities and processes in the computer.

2. Applications.
Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, I bet you might be already using one of these applications. Well, The BIOS is some what classified as the third type of Software.

What is CMOS?
CMOS stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semi Conductor.
CMOS is an on-board semiconductor chip powered by a CMOS battery inside computers that stores information such as the system time and date and the system hardware settings for your computer. This also where the BIOS Password is stored.

If you have already read the above BIOS and CMOS definition links you should now know that the BIOS and CMOS are two different components on the motherboard. The BIOS on the motherboard contains the instructions on how the computer boots and is only modified or updated with BIOS updates, the CMOS is powered by a CMOS battery and contains your system settings and is modified and changed by entering the CMOS Setup.

BIOS Password.
Setting up the BIOS Password secures your computer. It prevents from booting of other disks in order to access your hard disk data. After you set BIOS Password, when the computer is started it asks for the password, unless you get the correct password all the parts like Cd-Rom, USB Ports, Hard Disks, etc becomes useless. So the BIOS Password secures your computer pretty good.
But fortunately if you has a physical access to a BIOS Password enables computer, you can reset it.

You already know that the BIOS password is stored in the CMOS which is powered by a small watch sized battery inside the computer on the motherboard. If we want to reset the BIOS password, we have to reach upto the CMOS battery on the mother board. The battery holds small amount of information which can be erased by short circuiting the CMOS using a jumper. ( the jumper is just a metal conductor ). Or you can remove the Battery and keep it for a while until all the data in the CMOS is erased. Some of the computers comes with an Jumper already in it. To reset the CMOS, just place the jumper in the opposite position from the way it was. Keep it like that for some time and put it back in the original position.

Since Different computers have different kinds of CMOS and BIOS it is not an easy task to tell how to exactly reset the CMOS data in step by step. How ever, here is a videos showing how to short circuit the CMOS using a jumper.

This is the highest available information you'll ever get about the BIOS, if you have any extra idea or info. i would love to know that let me know by leaving a comment bellow this post.

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